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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Scrapbook or Not to Scrapbook...

Any serious scrapbooker will tell you that it's not a hobby, but a lifestyle.  I've been scrapping for over a decade now and have even "trained" my children and husband to collect items for our family books.  My desire to scrapbook never wanes but the time I have available to do so fluctuates.  My full-time job, service as chair of two hard working committees,  parenting of three boys, cultivation of a marriage, and care of our home don't always afford me the spare time to exercise my creative muscles. And lets not forget our menagerie of pets who are always looking for a lap to curl up in or who think nothing of walking through a tray of glitter.

Art has always been my release and it has taken many forms over the years.  I am in love with the creative process and before kids, marriage and life's responsibilities, I pursued many forms of artistic expression.  All of the tools of which are boxed and binned in my ever bursting craft room.  The creative process is a stress reliever for me and it's how I decompress.  Lately, I just haven't had time to sit down and complete even one page. And I miss it...  If I put goals around it, like completing a certain number of pages in a month, I'm afraid it will become just another to-do in an ever growing, never ending list of to-dos.

So, this weekend after a week filled with work and committee obligations, I will take a break from caring for our home.  I will still parent, I will still have conversation with my husband but I will do it in my pjs and big fluffy bathrobe, from the comfort of my favorite chair while I CREATE.  If I don't carve out the time to do this for myself, I won't be worth a darn for anything else. 

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